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Manitou Sport
A thoughtfully scaled down rec version of a sea kayak, with a comfortable cockpit opening and a high..
Prowler Big Game Angler Kayak
Designed for anglers looking for a high capacity fishing  kayak     that will easily carry all the n..
Prowler13 Angler
One of the most popular angler kayaks on the market, the Prowler 13 combines performance with featur..
RIP 10
Bringing Necky's performance heritage to the recreational class. The Rip 10 is a lively, playful beg..
RIP 12 Kayak
The Rip 12 expands Necky’s performance heritage to the recreational class. With many of the same fea..
Scrambler 11 Kayak
Take the popular Frenzy and stretch it. The Scrambler 11 is extremely stable and maneuverable. This ..
Tetra 10 Angler kayak
Looking for a fishing kayak that is easy to store and easy to transport? The Tetra 10 Angler is a gr..
Tetra 10 Kayak
Sleek and sporty, the Tetra series is perfect for the small to medium build paddler. Compact and eas..
Tetra 12 Angler
If you're considering the Tetra series, the 12-foot length is perfect for the angler who wants a bit..
Tetra 12 kayak
The Tetra 12, the longer sibling of the Tetra 10, is a low profile craft with clean lines and a slee..
Trident 11 angler kayak
The smallest in our Trident line, this kayak really packs a punch. At 11' this kayak blends stabilit..
Trident 13 Angler Kayak
The Trident 13 has hit the perfect balance of speed, maneuverability, performance and stability. The..
Trident Ultra 4.3 Angling Kayak
First introduced ‘down under’, the Trident Ultra series was crafted in collaboration with pro kayak ..
Trident Ultra 4.7 Fishing Kayak
The Trident Ultra 4.7 is a collaboration between our designers and an international group of dedicat..
Twin Heron Tandem
The Twin Heron is a truly unique tandem kayak. Featuring the  innovative Auto Trim Hull, the Twin He..